REVIEW: Chirashizushi Shou - small & cosy Japanese restaurant that serves GREAT food

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It is often the small and cosy place that serves AWESOME food, and Chirashizushi Shou is such a place that is located in an unlikely place at Bukit Timah Plaza! 

I just happened to pass by this small restaurant, but noticed the place was still crowded despite the late hour. Therefore, I decided to give it a try.

The shop gave off an authentic feel of a cosy old Japanese restaurant like those in Japan. The only feel missing was that it’s mostly run by locals instead of Japanese. But, in my opinion, I would say the quality of its food was great and was better than a lot of bigger brands. 

Their menu was well built, and I was kind of spoilt for choices. Do check out their full menu further down the article!


What I Ordered


Salmon Mentaiko Don ($14.90)

This dish comprises of flame torched salmon sashimi with mentaiko on rice. Normally I am not a big fan of rice, but I completely devoured the sushi rice. Thick cuts of flame torched salmon sashimi were served, I must say the portion was surprisingly generous! Not to be missed was the mentaiko sauce which combined well with the rice and salmon.

Btw, the Salmon Mentaiko Don also comes with a salad and miso soup at the side. As I usually have a bigger appetite, I also ordered an additional side dish - Golden Moon (Chasu).


Golden Moon - Chasu ($8.90)

The Golden Moon is an okonomiyaki style omelette with chasu cubes on bed of cabbage. Like the above dish, the portion was generous, and I wondered whether I could finish it. 

Overall, it paired well with the Salmon Mentaiko Don, and you should definitely order this if you are an omelette lover. I personally feel the two dishes were nicer than what I have tried elsewhere. This was why I managed to gulp everything down in record time!

If you are not sure which side dish to pair with your main, you can try asking the service crew for recommendation. 



Service was brisk with attentive and great service crew. 



This place is 100% a hidden gem in Bukit Timah Plaza that everyone who loves Japanese food (especially Sashimi) must visit. They don’t accept reservations and you can only walk in. Peak hours are crowded so try to go early to grab a seat.


Address: 1 Jalan Anak Bukit, Bukit Timah Plaza, #B1-55a S588996

Phone: 8810 4190

Website | Facebook | Instagram






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