REVIEW: Onigiri Planet – Popular Okinawa Onigiri Sandwich Chain from Taiwan

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Onigiri Planet is a popular Taiwanese onigiri sandwich chain, with close to 50 outlets in Taiwan, Hongkong and Macau. Now, it has opened its 1st outlet in Singapore at Hillion Mall.

Instead of the usual onigiri “rice ball”, its offering is more like a “sushi sandwich. In Japan, it is known as onigirazu, which originated in Okinawa.


Photo: Creamy Croquette 

Onigiri Planet’s 4 core ingredients for its Onigiri Sandwich include:

  1. Nagai Nori Seaweed 
  2. Japanese Premium Rice
  3. Premium Luncheon Meat - less sodium
  4. Tamagoyaki  

Then you can choose from a variety of additional ingredients to add to your “sandwich”. Additional ingredients that you can choose include Croquette, Ebi Tempura, Mentaiko, and so on…


Pricings range from an affordable $4.90 to $6.90. You can top-up for various sides and drinks, or make it a combo meal from $6.40. Orders are also limited to takeaway only.


What We Tried


Photo: Grilled Mentaiko


Grilled Mentaiko ($5.50)

I heard that this flavour is quite popular among customers. Among the 2 flavours I ate, it was also my favourite with the rich layer of roasted mentaiko sauce that was added onto the onigiri sandwich. The 4 core ingredients blended well with the mentaiko sauce. As a result, the overall taste was good.


Photo: Ebi Tempura


Ebi Tempura ($6.90)

If you like fried food, you might want to try this flavour. It is also one of the most popular flavours besides mentaiko! The Ebi Tempura was crispy and not too oily. However, I would personally prefer the Ebi Tempura to have meatier, fuller fillings.




Sometimes, a simple meal can also bring much happiness. And this was such a meal for us! We would recommend their onigiri sandwiches if you want to opt for a quick, simple and tasty meal.


Onigiri Planet | 飯丸屋

Hillion Mall


Daily (11am – 830pm)

8815 2418




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Published on 14/8/2023

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