REVIEW: Sixth Floor Oyster Cake – Ultra-Crispy Exterior

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Sixth Floor Oyster Cake originated from its founders’ sixth floor homes in Punggol, so you can probably guess how they came up with their brand name.

Started as a home-based business with their customers primarily being their neighbours and the residents in Punggol, Sixth Floor now has 2 outlets, in Northshore Plaza I and Northpoint City.


Secret Recipe


The batter is a secret recipe, consisting of three types of flour. As such, their oyster cakes have ultra-crispy exterior!

Salt and chicken seasoning are added for a savoury kick! Fried peanuts are also sprinkled on top for added crunchiness!


3 Flavours


Photo: Original Oyster Cake

Their most popular item is the Original Oyster Cake ($3.50). Each consists of 2 big juicy oysters, minced pork, shrimp and chives. 


Photo: Kimchi Oyster Cake

The Kimchi Oyster Cake ($3.50) is where their usual oyster cake is spruced up with Bibigo’s sliced kimchi! Those who like to eat kimchi pancake that is usually only available in Korean restaurants should enjoy this!


Photo: Scallop Oyster Cake

Alternatively, you can try the Scallop Oyster Cake ($4.00) instead for a pure seafood offering. We were surprised at the size of the scallops!


Chilli Sauce


Unlike other Oyster Cake places, Sixth Floor serves a ‘chicken rice chilli’ instead. During their home-business phrase, the recipe was given to them by a customer. Although unique, it paired well with the oyster cakes!




We like that their oyster cakes were not oily, and there wasn’t any unpleasant scent of old cooking oil, unlike some of the other oyster cakes that we have tried. All the flavours were nice, but we enjoyed the original and kimchi flavours the most.


Sixth Floor Oyster Cake

407 Northshore Drive, Northshore Plaza I, #02-41 S820407

Open daily 10am – 9pm

1 Northpoint Drive, South Wing Northpoint City, B2-147 S768019

Open daily 10am – 10pm



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Published on 27/7/2023

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