REVIEW: House of Pepper Rice opens at Kedai Kopi Ang Mo Kio

Halal, Japanese, Kid Friendly


House of Pepper Rice, a newly opened stall at Kedai Kopic (AMK), is a new place to satisfy your craving for pepper rice! And you can find 20 varieties of sizzling hotplate dishes in its menu (including 3 kid-friendly options)!


You can also add from a list of available sides, such as Beef Slices, Chicken Sausage, Mozzarella Cheese and more, to your hotplate dish. This means that you can have all your desired ingredients in one dish!


Superior Japanese Short-Grain Rice


In addition, they use Japanese short-grain rice which can better absorb the garlic butter and also the accompanying garlic or honey soy sauce. This helps to bring out their full flavours, and makes your pepper lunch dish taste even better!


What We Tried



Kampung Belachan Pepper Rice ($9.90)

Every time I eat pepper rice, the taste of the pepper makes me feel more energised! This pepper rice dish with Belachan added an extra “kick” to it!



Trio Pepper Rice ($12.90)

For this dish, you are allowed you to select 3 types of meat. We selected chicken, beef and salmon.

Out of the 3 types of meat, I liked the chicken best. After adding the accompanying garlic soy sauce, the yummy and moist rice complemented all the protein nicely! I personally think this dish is great for meat lovers!



Cheesy Tomato Chicken Sausage Rice ($6.90)

Our kid enjoyed this kid-friendly, tomato flavoured dish with cheese and chicken sausage in it! We also added a vegetable side! I took a bite and it was good enough that this may be my order of choice on our next visit!




Overall, I think this place is a slightly more affordable place to satisfy your pepper rice craving. The food here was pretty good, and the place was nicely lit and decorated with better than average seats.


House of Pepper Rice


108 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, S560108

Mayflower Stn (TEL) Exit 5



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Published on 16/8/2023

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