REVIEW: TYT Beauty Malatang (烫一烫美人麻辣烫) opens at Sim Lim Square



We heard from a friend that there is a newly opened malatang shop in Sim Lim Square, therefore we headed down to try it once we had the chance!

Once there, we saw that TYT Beauty Malatang (烫一烫美人麻辣烫) is a small but cosy shop located at level 2. We arrived around 3pm on a Saturday, and the place was slightly crowded, but we managed to get a seat.


Customers familiar with the Malatang style of ordering will be familiar with the DIY mode of ordering here:

  1. You choose the ingredients
  2. Pay for the food by weight
  3. Choose one of the styles of soups (Mala, Chicken Collagen & Tomato)
  4. Inform preferred level of spice and numbness if you have selected mala soup base

Price is $2.88 /100g, whether it is meat or vegetables.  


What We Tried



Signature Mala Soup

We selected “zhong la zhong ma” (medium spice and numbness) for our mala tang. This level should be acceptable to most adult Singaporeans. If you can't handle spicy food well, you can opt for “wei la” (mild spice) level instead.

For ingredients, this broth should pair well with meats such as Beef/Mutton/Chicken Slices, and various meatballs such as Pork Fuzhou Balls, Pork Balls with Fillings, etc…For noodles, we recommend the vermicelli glass noodle to go with this broth.



Chicken Collagen Soup

This soup is made after brewing over low heat for 6 hours to make it flavourful and aromatic.

For a healthier meal, you can pair this broth with meat-free ingredients such as Broccoli, Lettuce, Lotus Root, Green Bamboo Shoots, Winter Bamboo Shoots, Black Fungus, etc…For noodles, we recommend the instant noodles to go with this broth.




Pricing-wise, we spent not more than $20, which we think is quite acceptable. Ingredients were fresh, and the soups were tasty. Overall, we think it is definitely a good place to enjoy malatang (and other noodle soup dishes) if you are around Sim Lim Square!


TYT Beauty Malatang (烫一烫美人麻辣烫)


1 Rochor Canal Road

#02-03, S188504


(Sunday Off)



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Published on 15/8/2023

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