REVIEW: Yew Tee Feng Zhen Lor Mee – 25 Years of History

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Since 1997, Yew Tee Feng Zhen Lor Mee has been serving delicious lor mees to their customers from their stall in Yew Tee. From the long queue that you can see at their stall daily, you know that their lor mees are much appreciated and loved by their customers!


 Now they have a new outlet in Devan Nair Institute of Employment & Employability at Jurong East.  Hence, we decided to head down for a visit!




Besides the Traditional Lor Mee, there are 6 other flavours to choose from:

  1. Traditional Lor Mee ($5 - $6)

  2. Yuan Yang Fish Lor Mee ($6 - $7)

  3. Egg Beancurd Lor Mee ($5 - $6)

  4. Fish Dumpling Lor Mee ($5 - $6)

  5. Fish Lor Mee ($6.50 - $7.50)

  6. Lor Mee Specialty ($5.50 - $6.50)

  7. Crispy Chicken Cutlet Lor Mee ($5.50 - $6.50)

Btw, we heard from the boss that their top 3 best sellers are the Traditional Lor Mee, Speciality Lor Mee and Yuan Yang Lor Mee.


You can also order their handmade snacks (such as Nogh Hiang, Prawn Roll, Prawn Dumpling and Egg Beancurd ) to go along with your bowl. Each goes for $1 – $2.00 extra.


In addition, there is a condiment area where customers can help themselves to the condiments. I liked that the area was clean and tidy, and the condiments also looked fresh. 


What We Tried


Photo: Traditional Lor Mee


Traditional Lor Mee ($5)

The Traditional Lor Mee was filled with fried pork balls, fishcakes, braised egg and pork belly. My favourite was the fried pork balls, which were crispy on the outside but also meaty on the inside. Additionally, I liked that they remained crispy even after being in the gravy!

The gravy was just right – not too thick and gluey, but also not too watery. I heard that eggs are added in the braising process to make the gravy smoother. By default, the gravy was on the sweet side, which was nice, but after adding the basic condiments for lor mee such as garlic, chilli, vinegar and spring onions for that extra “oomph”, it became even better!

Btw, all sauces and ingredients are handmade by themselves. Noodles-wise, we opted for the round yellow noodles (instead of Kway Teow or flat yellow noodles).


Photo: Yuan Yang Fish Lor Mee


Yuan Yang Fish Lor Mee ($6)

The Yuan Yang Fish Lor Mee comprises of the same ingredients as the Traditional Lor Mee, but also comes with Fried Fish.

Beyond the crispy skin, they were tender and juicy inside. Like the fried pork balls, it did not become soggy, and remained crispy even after being in the gravy for awhile. In fact, the gravy made it even better!


Photo: Lor Mee Specialty


Lor Mee Specialty ($5.50)

The Lor Mee Specialty was special indeed, because Fried Egg Beancurds were added in this. We were told that this was a creation by the founders, with soy milk and eggs as the main ingredients. 

The fried egg beancurds were a nice addition to the dish! They were so crispy on the outside and had a nice eggy-ness to them on the inside. Btw, like all the fried ingredients served here, the fried egg beancurds were fried to order.




This is probably one of the better lor mees that I have eaten so far. Location-wise, it is just a short walk (sheltered) from Jurong East MRT and Bus Interchange. Therefore, if you happen to be in the west side, you can consider dropping by for a bite! Only issue is that this branch is only open on weekdays during breakfast and lunch hours, so please do check their operating hours below before heading down.




Jurong East Branch

80 Jurong East Street 21, Devan Nair Institute, #01-05, S609607

Monday - Friday: 7am to 2pm



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Published on 19/8/2023

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